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Animal Mints: A Next Level Strain of Marijuana

Animal Mints: A Next Level Strain of Marijuana


Not all marijuana strains are created equal. This is a fact that certainly applies to the robust and flavorful Animal Mints strain of marijuana. Animal Mints is a potent but perfectly balanced strain of marijuana. Its high THC levels and savory mint undertones make it a perfect strain of marijuana because of the tremendous impact it has on people. 

Most experienced marijuana users appreciate powerful strains with intense flavors. Animal Mints definitely fits that description while reportedly providing many therapeutic benefits, a relaxed sensation, and a well-balanced high. While this strain is impressive, it is not recommended for new marijuana users or people with a low tolerance.

About this Strain

There is a bit of uncertainty with regards to the exact origins of Animal Mints. Most people in the industry believe that Seed Junky Genetics first cultivated it in California. While the THC levels are high in this hybrid strain of marijuana, it has other outstanding characteristics. Let's have a look at what this particular cannabis strain brings to the table. 

  • Lineage

The precise origins of the strain aren't necessarily clear. Most people believe the Animal Mints strain to be a mix of the Animal Cookies strain and the Girl Scout Cookies strain. However, some believe it is a hybrid strain made by crossing Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies with Fire OG. Regardless of its origins, the potency it delivers is top-notch, with THC levels not often seen in other strains.

  • Genetic Ratio

After smoking even a tiny amount, many users are overwhelmed by the potent effects of indica. This pure hybrid strain contains a balanced genetic ratio of 50% indica and 50% sativa. Despite the balance, many people report how similar it feels to a full indica. 

  • THC Content

Animal Mints strain contains a THC concentration as high as 32%. It's one of the most potent strains available. This potency is why it is not recommended for inexperienced cannabis users or as a strain suitable for daily use. 

  • Gender

Animal Mints marijuana is a feminine strain.

  • Cannabinoids

It contains minimal amounts of CBD, only about 1% at the most. For those looking for a strain with a heavier concentration of CBD, this strain certainly would not fit their needs. It is known to be overwhelming for those primarily seeking the medicinal benefits of CBD. 

Therapeutic Benefits of Animal Mints Strain

The Animal Mints strain leaves you feeling higher than you've ever felt and overwhelms your senses. The therapeutic effects of the strain are quite clear and numerous.

To start with, those who suffer from inflammation or any other type of pain will appreciate the impact of Animal Mints. Many users report that long-term pain and inflammation disappear entirely. 

Animal Mints is especially beneficial to people dealing with joint pain. 

It's also an incredibly effective strain that can help with mental issues such as depression or stress. The mesmerizing and pleasant effects make it hard to dwell on negativity, giving users a euphoric high. 

The last therapeutic benefit of this potent strain is, it helps those who have insomnia or other sleeping difficulties. This is one of the reasons why many people enjoy the strain. It can make you fall sound asleep without struggling. However, for inexperienced marijuana users, the impact of this relaxed state may be a bit overwhelming.

Possible Side Effects of Animal Mints strain

Apart from the tremendous therapeutic benefits, it also has a few side effects due to the extremely high THC content. However, it's nothing unusual; you can expect dry eyes and a dry mouth. These side effects can be handled by staying hydrated and also having moist towels to prevent dryness. That will help with easing any discomfort.

The most intense side effect include profound mental anguish, headaches, dizziness, and occasional hallucinations. This mainly occurs when smoking an excessive amount of Animal Mints, which is strongly discouraged due to the high potency. 

Similar Strains

Similar strains include:

  • Blanco

  • Black Triangle

  • Blue Power

  • Lemon Drop Haze

  • Cake Mix 

While the THC potency in these strains is not the same, the uses and sides effects are all very similar.


The minty aroma is the first noticeable feature of this strain. In other strains, the overpowering nature of mint dilutes any other smells. The more delicate notes tend to get lost. 

However, that's not the case with this strain. The other aromas still stand out from the heavy cloud of mint. You'll pick up an unmistakable sweet whiff of cookie dough. There are also some hints of diesel and pecan undertones. The back end of the scent contains a tiny hint of pine.

If you're in love with cannabis that has the aroma of baked goods, then you'll quickly be a fan of the Animal Mints strain. The remarkable scent is one of the more noticeable features of this strain. It also has been compared to vanilla biscotti.


Due to the oxidation of cannabis on your tongue, the flavor profile can be altered, making the taste different from the smell. This isn't something you'll experience with Animal Mints. The flavor profiles and pattern is very similar to its aroma. 

At first, you experience the strong mint flavor. Then that's offset by the sweetness of cookie dough and flour. You get hit by some diesel and pine on the exhale. However, those that use a pipe may encounter a bitter, cough-inducing taste.


The buds of Animal Mints strain come in many sizes and are gorgeous, often attributed to a large number of trichomes on its surface. The large volume of quality resin indicates the incredibly high THC level that this strain is known for.

Terpenes Found in Animal Mints Strain

The most abundant terpene when it comes to Animal Mints is caryophyllene. There are also smaller amounts of both myrcene and limonene. 

Growth Information

This strain can be a little hard to get your hands on because the strain weeds weren't ever made available for retail purchase.

It won't be possible to grow from seed at home without a sample or cutting from someone who currently owns a plant. Realistically, you can only do it by getting it from a professional breeder who already produces it or one of the few dispensaries that sell it.

With seeds or a cutting, you can grow it indoors, where it's easy to monitor the temperature. The flowering period is ten weeks, which is vital to be aware of, especially because many of the peculiarities of growing the strain aren't known.

One great benefit of growing this strain is that it is resilient to disease. You can avoid harming it with proper temperature control and humidity. Growing it in a hydroponics station would be optimal. Some fertilizer and patience would go a long way. However, keeping it well-trimmed and maintained will help it truly flourish.

Final Thoughts

The Animal Mints strain is not easy to get a hold of, and with good reason. This strain is not a good fit for casual marijuana smokers. The high THC potency is better for experienced marijuana users who are disciplined enough to know how to use it moderately. However, the quality of the strain makes it one that every marijuana connoisseur should try at least once if they ever find themselves with the opportunity.

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