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Apple Runtz: A Deliciously Relaxing High

Apple Runtz: A Deliciously Relaxing High


Rare, potent, and exotic are three words that are often used to accurately describe a relatively new strain of cannabis called Apple Runtz. As indicated by its name, this strain is part of the wildly popular Runtz family of marijuana known for its remarkable flavors and smooth highs. Apple Runtz is no different and does an excellent job of living up to the reputation of this well-known cannabis family.

About This Strain

Apple Runtz is also known as Apple Runtz Sugar. Its origins are in the Los Angeles area. It has been attached to famous breeders such as Cali Bud, NEWSZN, and The Fire Society. However, it is not 100% clear who first bred this unique strain of cannabis. Since this strain first came on the scene in early 2021, some of the specifics are unclear. However, we will explore what is currently known.

  •   Lineage

The lineage of the Blue Dream strain is a combination of the Central Asian heritage of the Blueberry indica marijuana strain mixed with the South East Asain heritage of the Super Silver Haze sativa marijuana strain. While the exact origin of Blue Dream is unclear, famous breeders DJ Short (Blueberry) and Mr. Nice (Super Silver Haze) created the strains used to make it. 

  •   Genetic ratio

Classified as a hybrid, Blue Dream includes a genetic ratio of 60% sativa and 40% indica. Despite having a high percentage of sativa phenotypes, it's not impossible to obtain a phenotype with more indica characteristics. However, it is not a common occurrence. 

  •   THC Content

The THC content for Apple Runtz can range from moderate at 19% up to a far more potent level of 29%.

  •   Gender

Blue Dream is considered a female plant. Technically, there are male and hermaphrodite versions; however, the female version has substantially more THC. Only unfertilized female plants are suitable for harvesting. Removing all others improves the quality and value of the harvest.

  •   Cannabinoids

One of the chemical markers used to distinguish between various strains of cannabis is known as cannabinoids. Blue Dream includes five different cannabinoids, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol),

Therapeutic Benefits of Apple Runtz

Apple Runtz is well suited to help treat people suffering from PTSD, stress, chronic pain, nausea, depression, anxiety, and eating disorders similar to anorexia. It also works amazingly well for people with sleep disorders or those who have difficulty sleeping through the night.

Possible Side Effects of Apple Runtz

Cannabis, no matter what the strain, will almost always cause dry eyes or dry mouth with most users. This is not a concern for most people since eyedrops and staying hydrated before, during, and after using cannabis, typically help minimize those issues. Enjoying too much Apple Runtz can lead to paranoia and a sedation-like experience for long periods. Many people have reported simply sitting in one place for hours, doing nothing after smoking excessive amounts of Apple Runtz.

Similar strains

In the family of Runtz marijuana strains, several strains offer a similar taste, smell, or experience. Outside of that, Apple Kush and Gelato are two strains similar to Apple Runtz. 


The smell of Apple Runtz is robust and delicious. A sour apple candy aroma is prominent. A sharp, spicy pineapple smell is also notable, and many people also describe a slight hint of citrus.


With many Top Shelf strains of marijuana, the high THC content is not always paired with a flavorful sensation that matches the quality of the high. However, Apple Runtz does not fall into that category. These fresh sticky nugs are sweet, delicious, and fruity. It matches well with the smell and is a very smooth and easy smoke overall.


Apple Runtz is a magnificent strain of cannabis with its bright green overall color. It comprises dense grape-shaped nugs with thin orange hairs and dark purple undertones. There is also a heavy coating of thick, tiny white crystal trichomes with a slight purple tint.

The appearance of the Blue Dream strain is heavily dependent on the conditions under which the crop is grown and the specific sub-species cultivated. Typically, the buds are a beautiful shade of green with orange and yellow pistils. The leaves can vary from orange to brown and even dark green.

Terpenes found in Apple Runtz

All of the exact terpenes available in Apple Runtz are not yet known. However, some terpenes are known to be available in slightly higher doses. These terpenes include Caryophyllene, Phellandrene, Limonene, Valencene, Pinene, and Myrcene.

Grow information

Details on effectively growing Apple Runtz are scarce because the strain is still relatively new. However, what is known is that this strain is best grown indoors, preferably in a hydroponic growing system. The flowering time is estimated to be somewhere between 40-55 days, with a harvesting time of approximately 50-60 days.


As more details about the Apple Runtz strain of cannabis become available, its popularity and demand will only continue to grow. While there is some conflicting information online about this strain, everyone can agree on a few key aspects. Apple Runtz has a smell and taste that is unique and delicious. If you want a smooth yet powerful high that will help you relax for the whole day or sleep through the entire night, then Apple Runtz is the perfect solution.

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