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Bacio Gelato: The Perfect Strain for all THC Lovers

Bacio Gelato: The Perfect Strain for all THC Lovers


One beautiful aspect of marijuana is that there is a strain for everyone. Some people like a different type of high, while others have specific therapeutic benefits that they look for in a strain of marijuana. Gelato is a popular strain of marijuana with a multitude of different variants. Bacio Gelato is one such variant. 

Bacio Gelato, which means “kissing ice cream” in Italian, is a hybrid strain of marijuana that comes with an intense flavor and smell. It is well-known for having an almost immediate impact after the first exhale. It is intense, exciting, relaxing, and uplifting at the same time. This powerful strain of marijuana is not for the inexperienced, but its high THC levels make it hard to resist.

About This Strain

This strain was developed by Sherbinski, a California grower with an excellent reputation. While readily available in the western California area, there are many dispensaries across Michigan and the US where this tremendous strain of marijuana can be found.

  • Lineage

Bacio Gelato is a cross between Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. It was created for more experienced cannabis users and is one of the most potent strains of all Gelato versions of marijuana. 

  • Genetic Ratio

Sherbinski is known as the original developer of Bacia Gelato. They created an indica dominant strain (75% indica/25% sativa) that makes a sweet, bold, and rich flavor. While other breeders create similar versions of this strain, they are more balanced hybrid strains with a 50% indica/50% sativa blend. However, like the original, they also contain a very high level of THC.

  • THC Content

Bacio Gelato is one of the most potent forms of Gelato. It is also currently one of the most potent strains of marijuana on the market today. THC levels can range from 18% to as high as 29%. With THC levels this high, this strain is not recommended for new cannabis users.

  • Gender

Bacio Gelato is a feminized/female strain of marijuana.

  • Cannabinoids

This impressive strain was explicitly made to create an intense high. Therefore, there are very few cannabinoids contained within this strain. The exact content is less than 1%.

Therapeutic Benefits of Bacio Gelato

The first thing one may feel is a pleasant tingling sensation throughout the body, sometimes accompanied by waves of euphoria. Ultimately, the high from Bacio Gelato will most likely relax any user, making it an excellent choice for someone looking for some relief from anxiety or insomnia.

Bacio Gelato is also well-known for its ability to combat stress and depression without producing any psychoactive effects that would impede on someone's daily life. This strain is perfect for anyone looking for some relief from stress or pain without being overwhelmed by the effects of THC.

Bacio Gelato's anti-inflammatory properties can benefit anyone with a condition such as arthritis. It may also help to reduce pain associated with migraines or other headaches. Many users have an eating disorder and use Bacio Gelato to stimulate their appetite and combat nausea. Bacio Gelato is also incredible at alleviating symptoms associated with conditions such as glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson's disease.

Possible Side Effects of the Bacio Gelato Strain

The side effects of the Bacio gelato strain of marijuana are similar to that of other strains, including increased heart rate, paranoia, headache, and dry mouth. The side effects tend to be more prominent in inexperienced cannabis users and are yet another reason this strain is suggested for people who have experience using marijuana.

Similar Strains

For those unable to try Bacio Gelato, there are other strains that provide a similar benefit and sensation. These strains include:

  • Wedding Cake
  • Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies
  • Sherbert
  • Gello Gelato


The aroma is truly captivating with its sweet and fruity undertones mixed with an earthy herbal effect that increases the longer it burns. It also has a nutty and slightly sour scent that is beautifully integrated with citrus. 


The aroma pairs perfectly with the taste. When it comes to taste, Bacio Gelato is definitely a crowd-pleaser. The smoke from this strain has been described as smooth and creamy with accents of citrus and pepper. On the exhale, the sweet undertones are reminiscent of vanilla ice cream. The Bacio Gelato strain has a pleasant flavor that perfectly blends both the sweet and sour elements with its citrus, berry, and fruity taste. All of this is combined with vanilla and a hint of mint that makes for a bold and full-bodied flavor.


Bacio Gelato's flavors are undeniably delicious, but how it looks is equally impressive. The Bacio Gelato strain is a variety of cannabis with flowers and buds that are dense and sticky to the touch. Bacio's buds are covered in trichomes and extremely frosty when adequately cured. The buds of the Bacio Gelato have small but thick spade-shaped nugs that are olive green in color with undertones that are dark purple, vibrant orange hairs, and a top layer of purple-tinted white crystal trichomes. The nugs contain shades of purple and green with a substantial number of wiry orange pistils. Purple-toned trichomes offer some insight as to what to expect.

Terpenes Found in Bacio Gelato Strain

The dominant terpenes in Bacio Gelato are Carene, Caryophyllene, Limonene, & Phellandrene. However, several other terpenes help to make up the full flavor, including:

  • Pulegone
  • Pinene
  • Ocimene
  • Myrcene
  • Humulene
  • Linalool
  • Terpinolene

Grow Information

Growing the Bacio Gelato strain is best left to experienced breeders as it can be somewhat tricky to grow properly. When produced in the right environment, It can grow as high as 3 feet tall and yield up to 60 grams per square foot. It can be grown indoors or outdoors with a flowering period of approximately 45-50 days and a harvest time of about 50 - 60 days. 

When grown in hydroponic gardens, it can finish much earlier with the same quality and quantity. Bacio Gelato is a strain that can be grown outdoors in cooler climates but does best indoors to maximize the yield.

Final Thoughts

Bacio Gelato is a strain of marijuana is known for its sweet notes of vanilla gelato mixed with berries. It is strong, exciting, relaxing, and uplifting at the same time. The strain has an energetic, long-lasting cerebral head high that leaves you clear-headed but still motivated to be productive. On the flip side, this marijuana strain also induces a pleasant body high that relieves aches and pains while encouraging full-body relaxation.

Either way, the high can last anywhere from 2 to 3 hours, depending on one’s metabolism and how much is consumed. People who have been lucky enough to try it enjoy this incredible strain appreciate the intense but not overpowering high. For marijuana users who have not experienced Bacio Gelato previously, this strain should be at the top of the list when they are looking for something new to try.

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