Essentials For A Cannabis Picnic

The dog days of summer are over, and students have already gone back to school, but for the next few months the weather is going to be perfect. Not too hot, a kiss of fall in the air, and picturesque autumnal foliage… 

What better way to spend the weekend than to journey outdoors with a couple of companions and enjoy a lovely cannabis picnic? 

What is a Cannabis Picnic?

A cannabis picnic takes all of the tenants of a regular picnic and then elevates it to the next level. 

On the low maintenance end, maybe it just means bringing along a lovely joint, edibles, or vape for smoking after your picnic is all set up.

If you are feeling more bougie, perhaps bring some food that is spiked with cannabis. There are even cannabis beverages, similar to alcoholic ciders or IPAs. 

Choosing the Right Place

Maybe there’s a park you love, or have been meaning to check out. Perhaps somewhere along the water (lake, river, and ocean, all are good options).

Perhaps there’s an event like an outdoor movie screening that would be fun to attend. Or a production of Shakespeare in the park. 

Obviously use your judgement when it comes to sparking up a joint or a bowl. If there are families with children around, be courteous and don’t rip a vape or smoke a fat blunt while in close proximity to other people

The most important thing is that you are outside for an extended period of time, enjoying nature.

Things to Include

No matter what kind of picnic you are planning there are a few standard things that need to come along. A blanket, napkins, utensils, cups, plates, and food. These are just baseline picnic items.

Think about the type of food that does well outdoors when deciding what to pack.

A cannabis picnic could be as simple or complex as you dream for it to be. 

There’s always an option to bring more things along, like: pillows, a poncho in case it gets chilly, an umbrella to block the sun, bug spray, a speaker, cards, maybe coloring books…follow your heart on this one! What would help you unwind and have the perfect outdoor excursion?

How to Infuse Your Own Food

If you haven’t tried a cannabis tincture maybe now is the time! 

Tinctures come in little dropper bottles and are concentrated, so you won’t need much. 

Start with a couple of drops to see what the right dosage is for you before eventually progressing to using the full dropper. You can add the tincture to your drink, hold it under your tongue (sublingually), or even put it right on top of your food.

Try a CBD-rich tincture if you are craving passive bodily relief. For a more active psychoactive experience, perhaps a THC leaning tincture is the right one for you. 

Note: Both CBD and THC tinctures may work better if they include at least 1% ratio of each other. This is called full-spectrum cannabis, and when all the parts of the cannabis plant come together it is called the ensemble effect

Final Thoughts

Picnics are a great way to shake up your routine, get outside, and make some great memories. 

Hosting a cannabis picnic can be as simple or complex as your heart desires. At the end of the day, even just having a joint ready to go in case the social outdoor moment strikes is enough preparation for a fun time. 

Be sure to stop by one of our stores and ask our friendly JARS budtenders which products they recommend for your lovely outdoor excursion. 


How Are High-End CBD Strains Made?

We live in a consumer-driven age where there are many different tiers available when it comes to buying a single product. We see it with sparkling water options, and vegetables at the grocery store, and we even see it with CBD Strains. 

If you are wondering how high-end CBD strains are made, you have come to the right place. We’re going to break down the process of growing and manufacturing CBD, and explore what separates regular CBD strains from high-end CBD strains.

What is CBD?

Before we jump into the process of how CBD is separated from THC, let us first review what CBD does and what it is good for. 

CBD is short for “cannabinol”, which is the second most prevalent and active ingredient within the cannabis plant. The most active ingredient in the cannabis plant is THC, which stands for “tetrahydrocannabinol” and is primarily responsible for making people feel “high” when they use cannabis. 

People claim to find CBD helpful with problems like alleviating anxiety, stress, trouble sleeping, and pain. In 2018 CBD became federally legal and was approved for use by the FDA. 

Since its inauguration into the legal space, CBD has become all the rage, showing up in vapes, oils, extracts, capsules, edibles, patches, and topical salves.

If you are just now entering the world of CBD use, welcome.  

Don’t CBD and THC Come From the Same Place?

This part of the process starts out relatively simple. There are two different types of marijuana plants: marijuana, and hemp. 

Marijuana plants are rich in THC, and are known for their big hairy buds that lend themselves to recreational usage, and that fabled stoney feeling. 

Hemp, however, is the less-potent version of the marijuana plant that contains less than .3% THC (a negligible amount) that will typically not lead the person using the CBD to feel any type of altered state.

All hemp plants are marijuana plants, but not all marijuana plants are hemp plants.

Whether CBD is extracted from marijuana plants or hemp plants, the molecular compound is the same. However, not all plants are raised and nurtured the same way, and therein lie the differences in quality. 

People have known for thousands of years about the many uses of hemp, so it’s no surprise that hemp continues to be farmed to this day on an industrial scale and used for manufacturing things like paper, textiles, rope, bioplastics, insulation, an alternative to milk, and biofuel. Hemp is even edible and nutritious. 

Hemp plants that are raised on a large industrial scale tend to be more sparse, skinny, and they grow less foliage. These industrial plants may also be grown using pesticides due to the large number of plants being grown all at once. 

Conversely, high-end CBD comes from thick, lush marijuana foliage.

What Makes CBD “High End”

Imagine the non-organic produce section of the grocery store. Those are definitely vegetables, and most of the time they look alright. Sure, some bell peppers are suspiciously large, as if they were grown using GMOs, and the carrots are kind of skinny… but they are still vegetables. 

Now, imagine the vibrant bell peppers at a farmer’s market, and the thick loose carrots that came directly out of the ground. They just look different than the non-organic carrots available at the store, right?

There is typically a cost difference between shopping at a grocery store and shopping at a farmer's market: the farmer's market is more expensive. But why?

It costs small-scale farmers more money to grow organic crops. That’s why unsuspecting shoppers at a farmer’s market can feel suddenly extorted when paying the upcharge for something that typically isn’t expensive en masse at a grocery store.  

Paying a premium on high-end CBD products is similar to buying organic produce, you are paying for a nice product, as well as the peace of mind that it was farmed ethically and with care. 

Is There Really Much of a Difference?

Molecularly, CBD is the same whether or not it comes from hemp or a marijuana plant. But, sub-par/low-cost CBD may contain contaminants like pesticides and sometimes the label of a sub-par cannabis product can be misleading. 

If you are looking to be certain that the CBD product you are shopping for contains no amounts of THC, then you will be seeking CBD isolate products. These products come from strictly hemp plants ONLY.  

Full spectrum CBD products use all of the marijuana plant, terpenes, trichomes, and THC. That is what the ratio means on product labels. However many parts CBD to however many parts THC. For example, if the label says 5:1, that means there are 5 parts CBD and 1 part THC. 

A full-spectrum CBD dominant strain will often include that one pinch of THC because having all of the parts of the plant working together boosts the effectiveness of the CBD due to a thing called “The Ensemble Effect”.

In Conclusion 

Since 2018 there has been a maelstrom of CBD advocates who claim that using CBD has general wellness benefits. 

Beloved CBD strains have evolved to be more refined and effective through selective breeding.

If you’ve never splurged on a high-end CBD strain before, it could be time for you to do some research for yourself. 


How to Grind Weed Without a Grinder

Have you ever been at a party, or about to hotbox a car when you realize that you don’t have all of the high-tech weed gear that you would have access to if you were at home? 

You might have a baggie of weed and a little set of rolling papers, but since you are out of your element maybe you don’t have your grinder… No worries! 

In this article we’re going to empower you to grind your weed without a grinder using unconventional methods. 

Why Does Weed Even Need to be Ground?

Before we go on this journey to grind our weed, let’s stop and consider why we even grind weed in the first place.

If you have a little nugget of bud, can’t you just stick it into the bowl of a pipe or a bong, light it on fire, and call it a day?

The answer is: no. You would have to hold a lighter on a nugget of herb that refuses to light for an extended period of time, eventually roasting it beyond recognition and not really even getting a hit. 

For weed to burn evenly and effectively, there needs to be space between the little bits of flower so that air can pass evenly through it. 

And so, we grind our weed. 

But I Don’t Have a Grinder

No problem, the pioneers didn’t have weed grinders either. 

Take stock of the resources you have at your disposal and weigh the options. Ask yourself, which of these solutions would take the least amount of prep work and clean up based on where I am?

Now, take a look at these options and see which one of them best suits your circumstance:

    • You will always begin by separating the leaves from the stems as best you can.
    • Make sure that the coffee grinder is fully clear of coffee bean dust.
    • Drop the pieces of weed into the coffee grinder and pulse two times for just one second. 
    • Coffee grinders are extremely efficient at chopping up material, and will easily grind your flower to dust, which burns up extremely fast and is not ideal for smoking. 

    • Wash one or two coins using soap and water.
    • Find an empty, plastic prescription bottle. 
    • Throw your flower into the bottle and shake it like a maraca!
    • This is probably the fastest and most fun method, but not everyone has access to an empty prescription bottle in a pinch. 

    • Make sure that your scissors and your glass are clean. 
    • Pick out the stems as best you can from the nug of weed and place the weed into the shot glass or cup.
    • Stick the scissors in the glass and gently slice up your cannabis with one hand while slightly rotating the cup with the other. 

    • Using a clean cutting board and a clean chef’s knife, gently and carefully cut up your cannabis as if you were julienning carrots. 

    • Using a clean cheese grater, select the texture on the cheese grater that is smallest.
    • Be extremely cautious as you gently grate the cannabis bud back and forth. 
    • Seriously- be careful. Do not accidentally grate a piece or your skin or nails off.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are many ways to grind your weed in a pinch, including to pinch the weed apart.

Consider your surroundings, the resources you have available to you, and get creative! 

You might even discover a new way to grind weed without a grinder, one that we didn’t even mention.


Types of Dab Rigs

To the novice cannabis user, dab rigs can seem very intimidating. Reminiscent of a bong, dab rigs are often sought out once someone has been smoking weed for a while and they become interested in taking their high to the next level. 

This article will look closely at each type of dab rig so that you can make the right decision when it comes time to purchase the dab rig of your dreams. 

How Does a Dab Rig Work?

Before we get into the different types of dabbing, let us first review the process of smoking dabs. 

“Dabbing” gets its name from the style of smoking. Rather than using cannabis flower, smoking dabs requires weed concentrates such as: wax, shatter, or oil. These concentrates are usually packed full of THC, and can be extremely flavorful. 

Since we are dealing in concentrates, not much is needed to achieve a potent high- just a dab, hence the nickname, “dab” as in, “A dab will do ya!” 

One of the benefits of smoking dabs is the many different customization options. For instance, smoking dabs at a lower temperature will unlock flavor profiles that might have been difficult to notice back when you had to ignite your weed all at once with a uniform flame.

Accessories You Will Need

A nail. You can remember that it is called a nail, because just like a nail that goes into a wall, this nail goes into a rig.

The nail is the receptacle that you will drop your dab into, and in some cases, the nail is able to be transferred between rigs, unless you purchase a rig that has all of the pieces built into it. 

There are a few different materials that the nail can be made out of: quartz, glass, ceramic, titanium, or medical grade steel. All are good options, but each one has a few subtle differences.

You will need a loading tool. This is a pokey, metal device that looks sort of like a tool you would see a dentist using. The loading tool is the way to get the dabs out of their container, and into your nail. 

A butane or propane torch. These torches are handheld, refillable, and can be used in the kitchen when caramelizing sugars, or charring vegetables or bread. 

When vaporizing dabs, the nail that the dab gets dropped into works best when it is between 300-800 degrees.

You will also benefit greatly from having a carb cap. Once you drop the dab into the banger/nail, you can trap the vapor from escaping using a carb cap. These caps come in many different designs, can be flat or spherical, and often feature whimsical designs.  


Different Types of Dab Rigs

As your smoking career continues, you may discover that different things are important to you than when you began. This evolution is normal, especially with the many smoking apparatuses available on the market today. 

When making an initial dab rig investment, try and factor in where you imagine yourself primarily smoking. If you are going to be posted up at home to rip your dabs, you can likely invest in something a little more “fragile”. 

If you’re going to be on the go, or traveling, there are also great portable options for you.

Now let’s go on a deep dive into the different types of material a rig can be made of. 


Glass rigs are where dab rigs got their start. Similar to a glass bong, but without a need for so much water, these are the easiest pieces to add to the bong that you may already be working with. 

Glass rigs are often made from borosilicate glass, which is stronger and more durable than, say, a whiskey glass.


If you are clumsy, but want to experience dabs, there is hope for you! 

The body of a silicone dab rig is made out of durable and forgiving silicone, which removes the need to move in slow-motion in order to protect the rig. 

The banger/nail will not be made from silicone, because that would be toxic for you to heat and inhale. 

Electronic (Stationary)

E-rigs are all the rage online, but can hit you hard in the pocket book. But like all new technologies, an E-rig is an investment. 

E-rigs are great for heating to exact temperatures without having to bust out a flaming torch. It just…does it for you.

The only downside fo E-rigs is that they are not as easy to clean as non-electronic setups, because there are parts that can’t disconnect from the wiring. This shouldn’t be a big deterrent though, and is nothing that a Q-tip and some rubbing alcohol can’t fix.

Electronic (Portable)

Portable electric dab rigs are very sleek and enticing. It’s perhaps the most straightforward way to partake in a concentrate because it removes having to scrape out the wax with a tool, and heats itself up with the touch of a button.

You will need to be careful with these devices though, because they have an additional glass bulb attached to the mouthpiece that a regular vape doesn’t have. 

Beware, pockets don’t always pair well with glass. 


A portable smoking device is great because it’s small, can be used in the home, or on the go. 

Mini-rigs are usually the most cost effective options due to their size. However, don’t write a mini-rig off for fear of it lacking potency. Since we are dealing in the world of concentrates, you will surely still be feeling absolutely stoned, even from a little guy.

In Conclusion

There are many options for dabbing, but it may take a few tries before you find the right apparatus for you. 

It is possible to buy an attachment for the bong you may already have, and to start building out your curiosities from there. 


We hope you enjoy dabs as much as the internet loves dabbing!


How to Clean a Grinder

INTRO: There will come a moment in your cannabis career when the grinder you use becomes sticky and difficult to operate. We all require a little bit of loving sometimes, grinders included. 

Whether you are wondering how to dust off your device, or how to clean it deeply, you have come to the right place. 

Read to the end for some insights on how to clean your grinder, and tips for how to keep it clean along the way.

Smoking Begins With Grinding 

There is a reason nobody pops an unground nugget of weed straight into a bowl to smoke. It doesn’t work!

In the old days, before grinders, some sucker at a party would pinch and pull at a weed plant until it was broken down from its original shape into smaller, leafy pieces. 

These pieces would go into a joint, or a pipe, and everyone would sit in a hippy circle and listen to the Grateful Dead. Just kidding about the hippy circle, but not about someone grinding up weed meticulously, that had to be done regardless.

You get the most bang for your smoke by making sure that the cannabis plant has been ground down into similarly sized pieces. This way, your joint or bowl will burn uniformly and not char. 

The easiest way to break down nugs of weed is by using a grinder. 

What is a Grinder?

A grinder is basically the invention of the wheel, but for weed. 

Whether a grinder is cheap and made of plastic, or high-end and made of metal with several chambers, they perform the same function. 

Grinders work with two sets of interlocking teeth, one set of teeth under the lid, and one corresponding set beneath the lid. The cannabis is placed between these teeth. 

Pressure is applied by the hands onto the top and bottom of the grinder, and by going back and forth the cannabis is broken down, and made ready to be smoked. 

Types of Grinders

Not all grinders are created equally. When shopping for one, consider the amount of weed you tend to consume. 

If you are the type of person who smokes often and is interested in collecting THC-rich kief crystals that can be sprinkled atop any bowl or joint for added potency, you will likely want to invest in a metal grinder with at least one kief-catching chamber. 

A plastic grinder will also work just fine, however. 

There are tiny grinders, and wide grinders, but no matter the grinder, they all get gross at some point. 

How to Make Your Dirty Grinder Work Again

For both metal and plastic grinders, place the device into the freezer for 30 minutes. 

The cold freezer air will harden the bits of keif and sticky resin, allowing for the first part of the cleaning to begin. 

You’re going to want to have a couple of things on hand: 

Carefully, like a paleontologist cleaning a dinosaur bone out in the field, you are going to use the paintbrush to dust the edges of the grinder, loosening bits of cannabis debris. 

Collect and save what you would like to, keeping in mind that kief can be harvested and made into hash. 

For Metal Grinders

You’re going to need a couple more things to finish the cleaning job:


At this point you should have disassembled your grinder. Now you are going to put the separate pieces into a baggie and fully submerge them in isopropyl alcohol. Let the bag soak for 20-30 minutes, shaking it every now and again. 

Now, remove the pieces of your grinder from the baggie and scrub each of them with the toothbrush, cleaning the teeth of the grinder like you would clean the teeth in your own mouth.

Since you’re doing it, you might as well really do it. Go over the mesh screens and all of the interlocking grooves with the toothbrush. 

Now, rinse! Warm water will help to lift the gunk that comes up and leave you with a sparkling device. 

Dry with a towel, and voila! 

In Conclusion

You will notice immediately how easy it is to grind weed with a clean grinder. 

Let this be a nice reminder that a little bit of maintenance every once in a while makes your life easier on a daily basis. Now, back to smoking.


Keith Haring Glass Collection

INTRO: Have you found yourself looking at your crusty old pipes and bongs, wishing there was an affordable yet classy line of glass that could elevate your smoking experience?

The Keith Haring glass collection is cool on an objective level. Both the underground and mainstream art worlds have been singing Keith’s song for decades now. 

The glass pieces themselves are well-crafted, and the art prints decorating the glass are bold, striking, and cute. 

Who is Keith Haring?

In the 1980s, an explosive pop-art movement took place in New York City. Many well-known artists of the time like Andy Warhol, Jean-Michele Basquiat, and Kenny Scharf were running in the same circles at Club 57 in the East Village. 

Haring moved from Pennsylvania to New York City in 1978. He enrolled at the School of Visual Arts where he experimented with live performance, video, installation, collage, and of course, drawing. 

Outside of school, Keith noticed there were unused black advertising panels in the subway system of New York. He decided to cover them with white chalk in his soon-to-be recognizable illustrations.

Between 1980 and 1985 when he produced hundreds of public artworks. Once he even created 40 subway drawings in one day! New Yorkers would often stop to watch him draw, or converse with him. 

All throughout the 80s, Keith Haring ascended from the subways of New York to renowned gallery spaces such as Westbeth Painters Space, Soho Gallery, and Tony Shafrazi Gallery. 

Haring then went on to work for recognizable brand names like Swatch, and Absolut vodka. Other notable works include animating the Spectacolor billboard in Times Square, and doing murals worldwide, including on the Berlin Wall three years before it fell.

Functional Art Pieces 

Glass smoking pieces can be wildly intricate, or plain and simple. There’s always room in your collection for another way to smoke cannabis! 

If you find yourself looking at this Keith Harring set and recognizing the hole that needs to be filled in your glass menagerie, take a leap of faith!

The Keith Haring collection brings the best of simple and intricate worlds, with clean and sleek glass designs, but gorgeous, colorful, recognizable iconic figures.

Our Favorites 

We love a bubbler! It’s not the most expensive investment you could make here, and you will benefit from the smoke filtration that this little water baby has to offer.

Check out the rolling trays! The Crack is Wack one, in particular, is an homage to Haring, who painted “Crack is Wack” on the face of an old handball court just outside of Harlem after losing a close friend to the crack epidemic of the 1980s. 

Fun fact, upon completion of the mural, Haring was arrested. Interestingly enough, Haring had support from city officials and national major publications. He plead guilty and was only made to pay a $25 dollar fine.

In Conclusion 

The iconic work of Keith Haring can be found in the MoMA, Museum of the city of New York, and now on your coffee table!

There is an art of smoking weed, and with the addition of any of these conversation-starting pieces to your collection, you will basically be a gallery owner. 


Hydroponic Methods For Growing Cannabis

INTRO: Growing cannabis the old-fashioned way with dirt, sun, and water will always be a solid option. People have even brought their cannabis-growing projects indoors and like most house plants, keep the plant in a pot of dirt.

In this article, we will consider different, more advanced methods of growing weed for people who have already mastered the initial challenge of keeping cannabis flower alive and are seeking to glow up their grow game. 

Welcome, the wonderful world of hydroponic weed!

What is Hydroponic Growing?

A plant doesn’t need to grow in soil in order to thrive as long as the plant is able to absorb the nutrients it needs through water, or soil-like substitutes. 

All cannabis talk aside, humans are very good at growing plants without soil. The Aztecs were the first to start using hydroponic methods to grow plants nearly one thousand years ago.

Vertical hydroponic gardens have been a thing since 1938 when the idea was patented by Stanley Hart White. In 1978 a botanist named Patric Blanc made the modern-day green wall, which is a wall bursting with plant life often found in cities.

NASA has had astronauts grow and eat food in space using just soil substitutes and water. In 2019 the largest vertical farm was built in Dubai and runs off of 1/250,000th of the same water being used in a soil operation.

So how were all of these incredible feats of gardening achieved? 

5 Different Types of Hydroponic Methods

There are many ways to grow succulents, crops, and moss using hydroponics. But in this article, we are going to talk about the best way to grow cannabis. 


Stonewool is a material spun from rockwool, AKA, volcanic rock. Volcanic rock is full of life-sustaining nutrients! Think of the lush, tropical plant life that thrives on islands which have been formed naturally out of volcanic rock. 

This cotton-candy-esque material comes in little squares. It is recommended that you germinate your cannabis seed between two damp paper towels in a baggie (or between two plates) until the seed shell breaks open . 

From here, you transplant the little sprout into the center of a square of damp rock wool, and place that under grow lights. You will need to water these several times a day, maybe getting a self-timed irrigation system could be helpful.

Rockwool does a great job of holding onto water while also allowing air to circulate and flow easily. Despite all of it’s pros, rockwool does need to be soaked first before use due to an extremely high pH balance. You should also monitor the rockwool if used in a basement or some dark place because it is more prone to mold growth. 


We’re talking about the original NFT, not a goofy non-fungible piece of internet art or whatever the kids are freaking out about these days. 

The nutrient film technique works by constantly trickling a shallow stream of nutrient-rich water over a row of plant’s roots. These plants are typically nestled in a tube, a long channel, a gutter, or half of a pipe that is kept on an angle. 

The water goes down into a reservoir and then is recirculated using a pump back to the top of the gutter. The flow of the nutrient rich system touches the roots directly, but the roots do not soak in still water because that would lead to mildew and rot.


Deep water culture (DWC) is a setup that involves a bucket with a hole cut in the top of it and an air pump. And a few other things of course. 

The idea is that roots of cannabis plants absolutely love oxygen. The plant begins suspended above the bubbling nutrient-rich water. The bubbles bursting at the surface will lure the roots down into the water. 

The bucket of water must be cleaned and changed once a week, and each time you take off the lid and remove the plant, you will be surprised at the enormous amount of roots. 

The cannabis yield from DWC is massive, so get your clippers and your mason jars ready

The hydroponic cannabis system that consumes the least amount of water is the aeroponics system. 

In this growth method, the roots of the cannabis plant are suspended in air, but sealed in a container or a pipe while the nutrient system is delivered to the roots all day and all night. 


Benefits of Growing Cannabis Outside of Soil 

We live in a time where conserving fresh water is becoming more important every year. Figuring out ways to grow plants with as little energy as possible is a great way to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Plus, the nutrient-rich hydroponic water splashing around on all of these cannabis plants, you are about to reap the benefit of that which you have sowed!

It is peaceful for humans to spend time around plants. If you’re already spending time smoking cannabis, maybe the polite thing to do is journey with your cannabis up until that final spark. How exciting! 

In Conclusion

There are many ways to grow cannabis without soil. Some of these methods require more space, some need more electricity, or a constant flow of either air or water. 

The easiest way to get started is to make a decision for which growing method makes sense for you, your space, and your schedule. Some of these methods may yield a higher crop, but also require more work overall. 

It’s amazing to see a plant that we already know and love develop in a totally different environment that we are used to seeing. However you decide to explore hydroponic growing, be sure to have fun with it!


What To Do If You’re Too High

INTRO: Marijuana can be used to relax, but too much of a good thing can quickly turn into a nightmare trip down sky-high road. 

Accidentally getting too high is well-trodden territory, many people have walked this path, you are not alone! Keep reading this article for tips on what to do if you find yourself accidentally, uncomfortably, too high. 

The Symptoms 

If you’re here, you are probably too high. But just to be sure, check through this list of common too-high symptoms to see if you can relate. 


How Did This Happen?

Getting too high is easy to do. 

Maybe you used a powerful new smoking device that is unfamiliar to you. Perhaps you encountered a particularly strong strain, or maybe this is your first time getting high. 

However you got too high, welcome! But also, sorry for the wrecked vibe. Let’s get you feeling better.

Oh, and be sure not to drive in this state. 

Feeling Okay Again

The number one best thing of all time to do when you feel too high is:

Go to the bathroom. 

It is here in the bathroom that you can splash a little bit of water on your eyes and in your mouth. Take a moment to breathe. Now, develop a plan. 

If you can’t go to the bathroom, going somewhere you can be alone is a close second. 


What do you need?

Usually one of the more immediate needs of someone who got accidentally too stoned is a glass of water. Once water is achieved, you may want to get a breath of fresh air.

If you have been drinking alcohol, be sure to stop. You DEFINITELY don’t want to risk getting your high crossfaded by also being drunk.

If you are at home or at a friend's house, it might be nice for you to lay down. It doesn’t have to be an hours-long snooze fest, sometimes even just a 15 minute power-rest can do wonders.

A distraction like music or tv could be helpful, but if you are so high that you just want to bask in the silence, more power to you.  

If none of these suggestions are doing it for you, try this odd suggestion.

Chew on three or four whole peppercorns. The terpenes in the peppercorns will help bring you back to Earth and is a guaranteed last line of sobriety defense, according to famous folk music artist, Neil Young.

Is This Forever?

Well, nothing is forever. 

One of the best things you can do is to set your sights on something good to eat. A snack or some juice could help to revive you if you are experiencing low blood sugar. 

If you are unable to lay down because you have the spins, take a bit of wisdom from the movie Frances, Ha and lay down with one foot on the floor to keep you grounded. 

Usually these terrible spurts of being too high don’t last for more than 20 minutes, and a typical length of time to be high is generally 2-4 hours depending on the amount of weed used. 

In Conclusion 

You’re gonna be fine, kid! Keep breathing, whisper to yourself, “I am strong” and pretty soon you will feel strong again. 

Be sure to take notice of the amount of cannabis that got you feeling this way so that in the future you don’t accidentally stumble upon this feeling again. 


Meditation and Marijuana


Meditation has an excellent reputation for helping people to relax. Coincidentally, so does marijuana. But when paired with marijuana, does meditation have the same effect? Keep reading to find out!

What is meditation?

Meditation is an ancient practice of being still and quieting the thoughts in your brain so that you can be more present, less anxious, and more even-tempered in your waking life.

In order to meditate, it is first recommended that you go into a quiet space, sit up straight, rest your palms on your thighs (facing up), and get in tune with your breath. You can also lay down, just try not to fall asleep.

Breathe in for four seconds, hold for four seconds, breathe out for four seconds, and wait to breathe for four seconds. Then repeat. This is called “box breathing” and is a very basic breathing exercise. 

As thoughts drift into your mind, rather than following them down a rabbit hole, acknowledge that the thoughts happened, and then let them go.

Typically it is challenging to go for even one minute without having a thought that becomes an internal dialogue.

The goal is to quiet the mind and eventually be able to simply breathe for stretches of time while thinking of nothing. It’s like a reset button for your brain.

There are thousands of free guided meditations and breath work videos on YouTube to help you begin the process. 


Smoking or ingesting marijuana sets off a chain reaction in the body and mind. Depending on the contents of the weed, the endocannabinoid system in our brain interacts with the THC/CBD molecules found in the weed and has been known to bring about an air of relaxation. 

However! Sometimes the high you may experience may not be a relaxing one. It’s possible to become paranoid when using weed.

A paranoid high is an anxious one. Rather than feeling the effects of a clear mind, paranoia will often act like a magnifying glass, causing people to zero in on awkward moments both past and present. This can send the user spiraling and is one of the major negative side effects of weed.

But when it’s good it’s good! When used in responsible doses, weed can help bring you into the present moment and awaken a childlike sense of wonder within you. 

Weed and meditation 

Some people say that smoking weed is like the cliff notes of meditation. You can get a taste of what the goal is by simply getting high. Does this shortcut take away any benefits of meditation? If it helps you get into the zone, then who’s to say it’s wrong.

There are specific marijuana meditations available online for free if you are unsure of how to begin without being guided.

After you have been meditating for a while you will come to realize a sense of peace that washes over you each time you engage in the practice. This tranquility is something that you will carry with you even when you aren’t meditating actively. It’s a gentle arrival, not a hard landing.

When you partake in cannabis, there is a fairly immediate entrance into your new headspace, but it can be channeled into a zen state with a little bit of practice.

Meditation is not about the destination, it’s about the journey…we have all seen that phrase carved onto a wooden pillow at the Cracker Barrel gift shop, so it seems corny. But it’s true!

How is being high different from meditating?

Being high can be very valuable in terms of introspection. Especially when spending time alone, you are able to check-in with yourself and see exactly what it is that you need without having to worry about other people.

If you attempt to meditate while being high and it doesn’t work out, you can still have restorative time. 

Spark up a joint and bust out the yoga mat. Turn on a yoga video to get the mind/body connection going, and then attempt to meditate. Something good will happen.

The process of meditating without weed is a valuable one to explore as well because it involves a strong self-assessment of needs, but also an awareness of what you may be lacking. In other words, metacognition.  

Meditating in your sober mind takes concentration and will power. It’s worth working up to, even if the training wheels (weed) need to be used at first.


Everybody is different, but if you are sitting down to meditate at all, that is a great thing. And if you happen to have taken a little toke before doing so, more power to you!