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The Durban Poison Crash Course

The Durban Poison Crash Course

Just like Mario games and Scientology, there are levels to weed. If the Mexican brick weed your parents used to smoke in the 60s is at the bottom of the weed scale, Durban Poison is at the top. Not just the top, the toppest top.

Maybe you haven’t heard of Durban poison before. That could be because it’s an heirloom strain that originally grew wild on the coast of South Africa. Durban Poison is the penthouse of weed, but just like a penthouse, it can be hard to gain access. Sure there are products that are similar, but that is because they have been cross-bred or modified in some way.

In this Durban Poison crash course, we’re going to cover all that you need to know so that you can keep an informed eye out. That way, when you see it (and it’s the real deal) you can secure the bag.

Meet Durban Poison

Welcome to the coffee of weed! This strain is celebrated for its wake-and-bakeability, its energetic buzz, and its licorice-Esque flavor.

  • Lineage
    • Durban Poison wasn’t created in a lab, or Frankenstin’d together with several strains, it’s one of the FIRST weed plants, otherwise known as a “landrace” strain. She is a pure product of the Earth, wind, and sky in South Africa.
    • The moment colonizers started to take seeds from this plant and grow them in other places, (like Holland where the plant is able to complete its longer-than-average growth cycle outdoors) it became an heirloom strain.
    • In the 1970s, an American weed activist named Ed Rosenthal brought seeds to the United States, and people have been obsessed with it ever since.
  • Genetic Ratio
    • A true morsel of Durban Poison would contain 100% THC, a Sativa count around 17-26%, 1% CBD (for that entourage effect, baby), and absolutely NO INDICA.
  • THC Content
    • As we mentioned, this plant contains 100% THC, so please dose carefully, especially if you are prone to anxiety or paranoia.
  • Gender
    • As with all marijuana plants, the gender will reveal itself quickly after germination. Some Durban Poison plants are able to be both male and female, in which case you would want to do away with the male parts (unless of course, you want seeds).
    • The beautiful, big, hairy buds that nug-lovers are after come from the female marijuana plant, or feminized seeds.
  • Cannabinoids
    • One of the main cannabinoids in Durban Poison is THC-V, a property known for weight loss and appetite suppression. This is a get-up-and-go strain, great for socializing or knocking things off of your to-do list.

Therapeutic Benefits

the mood-boosting effects of this THC-rich strain may help you find relief from depression, and encourage exercise and activity. Being able to get up and move your body goes hand-in-hand with releasing serotonin and finding relief from the everyday doom and gloom. Some positive side effects might be creativity, happiness, and socialization.

Some medical marijuana patients use Durban Poison to help with depression, nausea, and chronic pain (dull aches, past injuries/surgeries, stiffness, etc.). However, because it contains less than 1% of CBD, Durban Poison is not recommended for treating serious medical issues like seizures, heart problems, or mental health.

Possible Side Effects

Durban Poison is quite powerful, as you might have realized by now, and too much of a good thing can quickly become a bad situation. Be sure to dose carefully at first, you can always smoke more, but once you’ve smoked you can’t un-smoke.

The last thing you want is to be sent into an anxiety spiral fueled by paranoia. If you know yourself, and THC-rich strains are usually tough for you, this may not be your perfect match. But if you have the opportunity to try real Durban Poison, maybe just take a baby hit- there might be hope for you yet!

Remember to keep your water bottle full and the Visine flowing because no one needs to suffer from cottonmouth and dry eyes.

Similar Strains

  • Green Crack - Known for its energy-boosting properties, this skunky weed can help with managing stress, fatigue, and depression.
  • Cherry Pie - The literal offspring of Durban Poison (its parents being F1 Durb and Grandaddy Purple) Cherry Pie is a giggly and energetic high.
  • Durban Cheese - This is a hybrid strain of Sativa and Indica, great for mild pain relief and stress.
  • GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) - another Indica-heavy child of Durban Poison, known for its relaxing and euphoric effects.

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

The most common aroma comparison to Durban Poison is black licorice, or “anise” if you’re fancy. She also boasts a classic skunk bouquet with notes of pine.

Durban Poison smokes sweet, leaving a taste like candied citrus in your mouth.

Durban Poison looks like classic camo, cloaked in a layer of sheer silvery trichomes, and beautiful peachy hairs.

Terpenes Found in Durban Poison

  • Terpinolene - 76%
  • Humulene - 6%
  • Beta-Caryophyllene - 5%
  • Linalool - 4%
  • Myrcene - 4%
  • Limonene - 3%
  • Alpha/Beta Pinene - 3%

Grow Information

  • Durban Poison can thrive easily outside in direct sunlight and open-air (just like she did at home in South Africa) or inside hydroponically. These plants prefer warm, somewhat humid conditions with temperatures between 72-80 degrees.
  • When grown outdoors (and pruned correctly), a single plant can become huge (up to 12 feet tall) and produce up to a pound of weed.
  • For at Sativa this plant flowers quickly, between 8-9 weeks indoors.
  • Durban Poison also has a natural resistance to diseases and pests which makes it easy for new marijuana gardeners to see just how green their thumb is.

Wow, Old Stuff Can be Pretty Cool!

Durban Poison is a legacy that we are privileged to behold and appreciate to this day. For the devout marijuana practitioner, smoking this strain is a pilgrimage you simply must make. We hope you love Durban Poison as much as we do!

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