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The Calming Euphoria of Cherry Alien OG: The Perfect Hybrid Blend for True Marijuana Lovers Everywhere

The Calming Euphoria of Cherry Alien OG: The Perfect Hybrid Blend for True Marijuana Lovers Everywhere

Cherry Alien OG is a hybrid strain of marijuana that offers consumers a uniquely refreshing yet potent high. It is wildly popular in many parts of California. Dispensaries struggle to keep this highly effective strain on the shelves due to its many powerful and highly beneficial medicinal benefits. This strain is the ultimate solution for consumers seeking an intense mental focus with an overall relaxing feel.

About this strain

As an indica dominant strain of marijuana, Cherry Alien OG offers a beautiful balance with its sativa elements. It can be enjoyed on a busy Monday morning, just as much as it can on a relaxing Saturday afternoon. It is known for its rich aroma, fantastic flavor, and a gratifying cerebral high mixed with increased mental acuity. Let us explore the unique background of this premium hybrid marijuana strain.


There are two conflicting stories regarding its origin. One report claims that Cherry Alien OG is an OG Kush variant crossed with Alien Tech and hit with Golden Strawberries pollen. Yet another story claims it is a cross between Cherry Pie (Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison) with Alien Kush (Las Vegas Purple Kush and Alien Dawg). Either way, it is important to note that Cherry Alien OG was never available as seeds since the strain is of the clone-only variety.

Genetic Ratio

Cherry Alien OG is an indica-leaning strain with high levels of sativa. It contains approximately 60% indica and 40% sativa.

THC Content

The THC content of Cherry Alien OG is one of the highest in the marketplace, with an estimated average between 20% - 30%.


Cherry Alien OG is a female cannabis strain.


This premium hybrid strain contains low CBD (cannabidiol) levels, measured at approximately 1%. Cherry Alien OG has no other chemical markets that make up more than 1%.

Therapeutic benefits of Cherry Alien OG

Cherry Alien OG has a passionate consumer base due to its multidimensional uses and high THC content. The strain creates a fantastic cerebral high that all cannabis users love and is also mentally stimulating while generating a head-to-toe calming effect. The distinct blend of indica and sativa keeps the brain sharp and creative, with an undercurrent of peaceful tranquility, which helps to improve creativity. This perfectly blended strain works well for people who have things to do but also want a stress-free feeling.

There are also several additional physical benefits associated with the use of Cherry Alien OG. These benefits include relief from nausea, lack of appetite, muscle spasms, and migraines. It also helps with sleep when you want to relax in the evening. People often use this strain to help them manage stress, anxiety disorders, depression, ADHD/ADD, PTSD symptoms, and more. Fans of this strain appreciate that it seems to understand and precisely provide what the body needs, regardless of the circumstances.

Possible side effects of Cherry Alien OG

The high THC levels in Cherry Alien OG might lead to some adverse effects, just like other cannabis strains. Possible side effects include dry mouth, headaches, paranoia, dizziness, or dry eyes. However, effectively managing these side effects is possible by drinking plenty of water before, during, and after use.

Similar strains

Another strain that has similar effects is Tangelo. This marijuana strain contains 80% indica, 20% sativa and typically has a slightly lower percentage of THC. However, it offers several related health benefits to Cherry Alien OG. Additional similar strains include Candyman, Strawberry Bliss, Candy Apple, Banana Punch, Rocket Pop, CMAC, Cog-ni-dos, Cherry Sorbet, and Cherryland OG.

Aroma, flavor, & appearance

The aromatic qualities of this strain truly stand out. The floral scent is powerful and distinctive. The smell is described by many as sweet and soothing, with a pleasant hint of citrusy diesel and cherry pine. It's not unpleasant in any way, yet it does have some sour and tangy notes.

The flavor is just as enjoyable as the smell, with a definite hint of spicy lemon perfectly mixed with citrus and pine. The earthy elements complement the fruity flavor of the strain amazingly well. The exhale contains a robust flavor combination of both cherry and pine.

The appearance of the Cherry Alien OG Strain might be a little surprising to some. It contains a crystalline yet sugary appearance, with large buds covered in copious amounts of trichomes. That also gives it quite a bit of color, as the buds have various shades of green and hints of orange throughout the dense clusters.

Terpenes found in Cherry Alien OG

The most abundant terpene in Cherry Alien OG is myrcene. It works as a potent antibiotic and anti-inflammatory element with a mild sedative impact. Myrcene has a significant effect on people dealing with insomnia or who need pain relief.

Grow information

This hybrid blend is an excellent strain to grow since it creates top-quality yields with intensely potent buds. However, proper education is necessary to produce a quality crop. When you cultivate the plants the right way, you'll not only get significant yields but immense density from the actual nuggets too. One successful method is the SOG (sea of green) technique. The low-stress environment helps to grow many small plants as opposed to a smaller number of larger plants.

Proper pruning allows the necessary circulation of air and light. Additional factors to be considered include humidity, water levels, nutrients, and sunlight. This strain can flourish indoors or outdoors and can start to flower in 9 weeks. Indoor yields may range between 10-11 ounces per square meter, and outdoors 13-14 ounces per plant. After harvest, proper curing of the buds helps to preserve the THC levels and other medicinal cannabinoids. That increases the overall effectiveness of the strain.


There is a reason why the Cherry Alien OG strain has been so popular for so long. The combination of cognitive enhancements and overall soothing relief is hard to beat. However, moderation and responsible use are strongly encouraged for maximum benefit.

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