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Jamaican Pearl: A Beautiful Nugget of Focused Energy

Jamaican Pearl: A Beautiful Nugget of Focused Energy


Some people need a cup of coffee to start their day right. However, there is not a brand or flavor of coffee that has the same impact as an incredible strain of marijuana known as Jamaican Pearl. This unique cannabis strain provides a tremendous boost to the body and helps users attack the day with a feeling of boundless energy and endless positivity.

No matter what cannabis preference one may have, everyone can appreciate the remarkable impact of the Jamaican Pearl strain of cannabis. Not everyone wants to wait until the end of a hectic day to enjoy a relaxing and uplifting high. This strain allows users to start the day off on the right note. It works fast, lasts long, and is a favorite of those who work in creative or artistic fields. For marijuana users everywhere, this tropical taste of paradise is an experience that cannot be missed.   

About This Strain

Contrary to its name, Jamaican Pearl was not developed on the breathtaking island of Jamaica. However, its lineage can be traced all the way back to that tropical paradise. The strain was created in Amsterdam. This area of the world has a reputation for its almost limitless offerings of unique and enjoyable strains of cannabis. Amsterdam is home to Sensi Seeds, a world-renowned marijuana breeder. Their creativity and expertise helped grow the demand for Jamaican Pearl from prestigious coffee shops in Amersterdam to high-end marijuana dispensaries around the world.

  • Lineage

Sensi Seeds first bred Jamaican Pearl to take advantage of the busy summer tourist season across Europe. It is a cross between the award-winning Marley’s Collie and the classic sativa high of Early Pearl.

  • Genetic Ratio

This sativa dominant hybrid strain of marijuana contains a genetic ratio of 85% sativa/15% indica.

  • THC Content

The THC content of this strain may fall anywhere from 18%-22%.

  • Gender

Jamaican Pearl is a female strain of cannabis.

  • Cannabinoids

This cannabis strain is not known for having any substantial CBD levels. It contains well under 1% of CBD in total.

Therapeutic Benefits of Jamaican Pearl

Jamaican Pearl is an excellent overall mood enhancer. Users often describe feeling uplifted, happy, and even euphoric. It helps to combat loss of appetite, anxiety, and even depression. Also, it relieves nausea, eye pressure, headaches, PTSD, asthma, mild stomach cramps, and minor aches and pains.


Possible Side Effects of Jamaican Pearl

For people familiar with marijuana, the side effects are nothing new. It is perfectly normal to experience dry eyes or a dry mouth while smoking. Staying well hydrated before, during, and after using Jamaican Pearl can help to combat those side effects. This strain must be used in moderation. Excess use can lead to short-term dizziness, increased anxiety, and even paranoia in a small minority of cases.   


Similar Strains

Not many strains can uplift one’s overall mood while providing a combination of focus, energy, and a fantastic high. However, when this highly beneficial strain is not available, a few alternatives offer some similar benefits. Silver Haze, Mango Tango, Jesus OG, and Buddha’s Hand all provide an energetic feeling or feeling of happiness that is a great way to start the day.  


WIth the name Jamaican Pearl, this strain has an appropriately sweet aroma comprised of a fruity blend of pineapples, oranges, and apples. 


Jamaican Pearl has a tropical flavor that matches well with the aroma. There are also hints of spicy pine or earthy notes that become more prominent after inhaling and exhaling a few times.  


Jamaican Pearl has very thick stems and a spear-shaped head. The nugs are dark green with light orange pistils and a light, frosty covering of trichomes.

Terpenes Found in Jamaican Pearl

Myrcene is the dominant terpene in this strain. Other prominent terpenes include caryophyllene and limonene.

Grow Information for Jamaican Pearl

Jamaican Pearl requires a bit of effort to maximize the yield, but it does not require a high level of expertise to grow the strain properly. It can be grown in both warmer and colder environments. The plants grow quite tall, up to 8-10 feet in some instances, and develop a very deep root system. This is why the strain was designed to be grown outdoors. It can also be grown indoors under the right conditions. The flowering period is between 50-70 days, and the plants provide a high yield of up to 28 ounces of cannabis per plant. 


Final Thoughts

Jamaican Pearl is a well-balanced hybrid strain of cannabis that does an exceptional job of making stress and worries disappear. It helps users attack the day with undeniable energy and an optimistic outlook. This strain hits fast and lasts long. When used in moderation, it can enhance the lives of marijuana users without causing demoralizing addictions or side effects. Jamaican Pearl is known to keep a smile on your face and joy in your heart. For those curious or who have not experienced this delicious flavor of happiness, Jamaican Pearl should be the next strain of cannabis on your marijuana bucket list.


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