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Keith Haring Glass Collection

Keith Haring Glass Collection

INTRO: Have you found yourself looking at your crusty old pipes and bongs, wishing there was an affordable yet classy line of glass that could elevate your smoking experience?

The Keith Haring glass collection is cool on an objective level. Both the underground and mainstream art worlds have been singing Keith’s song for decades now. 

The glass pieces themselves are well-crafted, and the art prints decorating the glass are bold, striking, and cute. 

Who is Keith Haring?

In the 1980s, an explosive pop-art movement took place in New York City. Many well-known artists of the time like Andy Warhol, Jean-Michele Basquiat, and Kenny Scharf were running in the same circles at Club 57 in the East Village. 

Haring moved from Pennsylvania to New York City in 1978. He enrolled at the School of Visual Arts where he experimented with live performance, video, installation, collage, and of course, drawing. 

Outside of school, Keith noticed there were unused black advertising panels in the subway system of New York. He decided to cover them with white chalk in his soon-to-be recognizable illustrations.

Between 1980 and 1985 when he produced hundreds of public artworks. Once he even created 40 subway drawings in one day! New Yorkers would often stop to watch him draw, or converse with him. 

All throughout the 80s, Keith Haring ascended from the subways of New York to renowned gallery spaces such as Westbeth Painters Space, Soho Gallery, and Tony Shafrazi Gallery. 

Haring then went on to work for recognizable brand names like Swatch, and Absolut vodka. Other notable works include animating the Spectacolor billboard in Times Square, and doing murals worldwide, including on the Berlin Wall three years before it fell.

Functional Art Pieces 

Glass smoking pieces can be wildly intricate, or plain and simple. There’s always room in your collection for another way to smoke cannabis! 

If you find yourself looking at this Keith Harring set and recognizing the hole that needs to be filled in your glass menagerie, take a leap of faith!

The Keith Haring collection brings the best of simple and intricate worlds, with clean and sleek glass designs, but gorgeous, colorful, recognizable iconic figures.

Our Favorites 

We love a bubbler! It’s not the most expensive investment you could make here, and you will benefit from the smoke filtration that this little water baby has to offer.

Check out the rolling trays! The Crack is Wack one, in particular, is an homage to Haring, who painted “Crack is Wack” on the face of an old handball court just outside of Harlem after losing a close friend to the crack epidemic of the 1980s. 

Fun fact, upon completion of the mural, Haring was arrested. Interestingly enough, Haring had support from city officials and national major publications. He plead guilty and was only made to pay a $25 dollar fine.

In Conclusion 

The iconic work of Keith Haring can be found in the MoMA, Museum of the city of New York, and now on your coffee table!

There is an art of smoking weed, and with the addition of any of these conversation-starting pieces to your collection, you will basically be a gallery owner. 


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