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Terdz Top Grade Marijuana: A Funny Name with the Serious High

Terdz Top Grade Marijuana: A Funny Name with the Serious High


Top shelf is a term used to describe a premium strain of marijuana. These strains tend to be highly potent and produced by reputable breeders. Everything about this strain is excellent, including the taste, smell, experience, THC level, etc. Terdz is one such strain that is considered premium. It is known for being a powerful hybrid strain with strong indica traits. The name may be funny, but this strain is serious business.

About This Strain

Terdz is a high-grade strain of marijuana that Clout King initially bred. They are located in six states across the U.S. and are known for their state-of-the-art indoor cannabis cultivation facilities. Since 2006, Clout King has specialized in developing top-shelf strains of marijuana. Currently, Terdz is also being grown by Pleasantrees.

  • Lineage

The breeders at Clout King created an innovative blend with Terdz. In this case, two different premium blends, Runtz and Jet Fuel Gelato, combined to create this unique strain of cannabis.

  • Genetic Ratio

This hybrid strain has strong indica traits (75% indica/25% sativa), which allows Terdz to offer a premium smoke with a smooth and euphoric feeling.

  • THC Content

Terdz is a top-grade of marijuana, so one automatically should expect a high THC content, and this strain does not disappoint. With a THC range between 25% - 31%, Terdz is the perfect strain for those who prioritize potency in their marijuana.

  • Gender

Terdz is a female strain of marijuana.

  • Cannabinoids

Premium strains of marijuana like Terdz are known for their THC potency and not their CBD levels. Therefore, like most other top-grade marijuana strains, Terdz has less than 1% CBD.

Therapeutic benefits of Terdz

This high one gets from Terdz is euphoric and uplifting. Many people have described it as a relaxing head high. This creates a very calming and soothing sensation throughout the body. It is fantastic for relieving stress and also helps lower pain. It is an excellent alternative for people with certain eating disorders as it helps to increase one's appetite.

Possible side effects 

Terdz is no different than most strains of marijuana. Dry mouth and dry eyes are to be expected. Quality eye drops and proper hydration before using Terdz will help to minimize that. Inexperienced cannabis users may feel unfocused, slightly dazed, or even sleepy. However, with a THC content this high, enjoying this strain to an excessive level can lead to increased anxiety or paranoia, leading to severe panic attacks. This is certainly not a strain to use when there is a lot to do or when driving long distances.

Similar strains

Terdz is a potent and unique strain with characteristics not found in many other strains of marijuana. Bubba Kush and Gelato are two strains similar to Terdz but not exact in appearance, taste, or therapeutic benefits.


Terdz has a prominent and pleasantly sweet smell. A slight hint of diesel accents a floral and fruity aspect to it.


The smell of Terdz pairs well with the taste. This exceptional strain provides an amazingly smooth and delicious experience. It starts with peppery, creamy, and sweet berry notes. The creamy and berry flavors extend into the exhale.


Terdz is known for its beautiful, soft, and sticky buds that are dark purple and light green. Like many marijuana strains with high THC content, they are covered all over in trichomes, giving it a frosty white covering. This strain is also intertwined with long dark orange hairs.

Terpenes found in Terdz

Limonene and Pinene are the two most prevalent terpenes found in Terdz. There is also a significant presence of Myrcene and Terpineol. However, several other terpenes are found in tiny quantities, including Ocimene, Humulene, Linalool, and Terpinolene. 

Grow information

Terdz is best grown indoors in a hydroponic environment to obtain the best yield. It is not an overly tricky strain to produce; however, prior breeding experience is strongly suggested. As a top-shelf strain of cannabis, consistent results are best created by experienced breeders who can customize growing conditions in highly advanced facilities. Due to the limited number of quality breeders for this strain, little is known about the exact growth, yield, or flowering time. However, the harvesting period is approximately 8 - 10 weeks, depending on the breeder.


Terdz is a delicious and highly enjoyable strain of cannabis despite its name. It has relaxing and soothing effects that help improve appetites while producing a pleasant euphoric head high, especially when taken in higher dosages. This indica based hybrid will aid in the reduction of stress and pain while also providing a strong and uplifting sensation overall. Terdz is a top-shelf strain of cannabis that sets the standard for how top-shelf marijuana should look, taste, smell, and smoke.

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