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The Snoop Dawg Marijuana Strain: The Legend Continues

The Snoop Dawg Marijuana Strain: The Legend Continues

Snoop Dawg is an intense, indica dominant, hybrid strain of marijuana with a reputation of being every bit as impactful as the famous rapper it was named after. The strain comes with all the benefits you would expect from classic marijuana strains. The indica in this strain provides an incredible feeling of full-body relaxation, while the sativa ensures you still stay active and productive. The high from this strain is well-balanced and will last for hours.

Because of the powerful effects, the Snoop Dawg strain of cannabis is excellent for treating different medical conditions such as inflammation and stress. However, it's not advisable to do work that requires a lot of attention or concentration after using the Snoop Dawg strain. 

About This Strain

The Snoop Dawg strain comes from Top Dawg Seeds, a breeder from New York. It all started from a tiny apartment but grew into a major company within the cannabis industry. It's especially well-known since the company produced the popular Chemdawg strain too. 

When first trying Snoop Dawg, one might notice a brief but delightful euphoria that settles the mind for a while. It takes over your mental as well as physical state to give a pleasant overall feeling. Additional factors about this unbelievable strain of marijuana include:

  • Lineage

The Snoop Dawg strain is a crossbreed between Snoop OG and Tres Dawg. 

  • Genetic Ratio

It's an indica-dominant strain with 70% indica and 30% sativa.

  • THC Content

This is an essential aspect of the strain since a high level of THC is necessary to stand up to the reputation of the legend himself. The Snoop Dawg strain does just that, containing a high THC content of approximately 22%-28%.

  • Gender

The Snoop Dawg strain of cannabis is a regular strain concerning gender. This means that approximately half of the seeds are female, and half of the seeds are male. Ultimately, this means that 50% of the seeds will not use usable for growing buds.

  • Cannabinoids

The CBD level is relatively low, around 1%. It's a THC strain, and generally, they seldom have CBD. With a name like Snoop Dawg, no one should expect this strain to contain a large amount of CBD, anyways. This name certainly lives up to the reputation of the man, myth, and legend.

Therapeutic Benefits of The Snoop Dawg Strain

Due to the powerful effects of this hybrid strain, it's perfect for treating soreness, swelling, muscle spasms, muscle tension, and tightness. It's a great strain to relax with even after an intense workout.

Insomnia and restlessness are common problems for many people who use this strain for relief. It can be frustrating when one cannot go to sleep or struggles to get enough quality rest. If you suffer from this, you may have found the perfect solution in the Snoop Dawg strain of cannabis. The sedative effects make it suitable for those who have insomnia. 

It offers complete relaxation; the sedative effects treat insomnia in a more comfortable way for people who are skeptical about taking pharmaceutical drugs. It also helps deal with the general pain that a previous injury might have caused.

The stimulative effect also increases hunger for anyone who's struggling with appetite loss and nausea. Individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, or stress might find a soothing effect from the strain, and it will help get rid of negative thoughts. 

Other people also opt to use the Snoop Dawg strain to help deal with symptoms of PTSD. However, users have to be cautious because there's a potential risk of low-grade hallucinations. 

It's perfect for smoking at the end of the day; however, since it has a couch-locked high, it is possible to end up knocked out entirely. 

Possible Side Effects of Snoop Dawg Strain

The Snoop Dawg strain contains several benefits, but it also has some side effects. The first two things you'll notice are dry mouth and dry eyes. They're both easily manageable by staying well hydrated before and after smoking.

Being able to avoid the slightly disorienting effects and hallucinations is another issue on its own. The only way to prevent that is by starting with a small dosage. It doesn't matter what your tolerance or experience is. 

Keep in mind that you are likely to experience the mild couch-lock high, so wait for it because it might kick in towards the end of the high. If you aren't used to it, it might be a little surprising. Nevertheless, you also get a pleasant feeling of euphoria and happiness. 

It's important to note that the strain may sometimes induce hallucinations as well as daydreams. That's what some users reported in the past. 

Nonetheless, the effects aren't too overwhelming, nor are they frightening. It's great for helping with seeing a lot of things more vividly. 

Similar Strains

Strains with similar effects include JJ's Mango, JJ's Nigerian, and DNLD. 

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

The aroma of the Snoop Dawg strain is an interesting mix of diesel and citrus. The scent is quite vibrant. It becomes more potent once you break open the buds. 

Diesel is the predominant flavor of the strain. Nonetheless, you also get some hints of citrus, followed by pine and some tangy spice. The flavor is generally not easy to pinpoint. 

It contains dusty green nugs covered with orange hairs; there's also some beautiful purple coloration. It's a bit sticky with a tiny bit of resin and a reasonable amount of trichomes. 

Terpenes Found in The Snoop Dawg Strain

The dominant terpenes found in the strain, in descending order, are myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene. 

Grow Information

It's an excellent strain for someone thinking of taking on a home project. Cutting unnecessary leaves can help with the growth, which helps with air movement and light penetration. 

It does well when grown indoors, and the flowering period is 7-9 weeks. Since it's an indica-dominant strain, you can expect a good yield. Harvest by mid-October when grown outdoors. 


Most cannabis lovers choose this strain due to the high THC content and only 1% CBD. That great combination promises a tremendous high, a relaxed physical state, and a soothing effect over the entire body. However, it is essential to remember to use minimal amounts of the Snoop Dawg strain to help ease most of the side effects.

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