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The Uplifting Benefits of The Star Dawg Strain of Cannabis

The Uplifting Benefits of The Star Dawg Strain of Cannabis


Star Dawg is a popular hybrid strain of marijuana due to its intense impact and moderately high THC levels. Star Dawg is occasionally known as "StarDawg" or "Star Dog" and is a great mood enhancer and energy booster. Many users love to use this strain in the morning to start their day off with a tremendous boost.

This legendary strain is an excellent strain for both new and experienced marijuana users. It has a strong smell, intense flavor, and when used responsibly, provides impressive therapeutic benefits.

About This Strain

The Star Dawg strain was created by JJ of Top Dawg Seeds in Colorado and is a unique strain made more out of need than desire. When unable to acquire a high-quality product from other sources, JJ worked to create an alternative, which ultimately led to the creation of the Star Dawg strain of marijuana. This introduced a new and exciting taste and experience for marijuana lovers in the market.

  • Lineage 

The Star Dawg strain has a fascinating origin story. It's a hybrid conceived from the cross between Chemdawg 4 and Tres Dawg. At first, he only sold seeds to those in the community that he knew. After a few years in anonymity, he sent the seeds to a well-known breeder in California, and its popularity soon exploded. This sudden growth led to a feature in High Times magazine, and the notoriety continued to grow.

  • Genetic Ratio 

Star Dawg is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain. It contains 90% sativa and 10% indica. It offers a significant boost in energy and can be used efficiently in the morning.

  • THC Content

Star Dawg is considered a potent cannabis strain with a THC concentration range of 16% - 25%. 

  • Gender 

Star Dawg is a feminine strain that flowers between 63-75 days. 

  • Cannabinoids

This hybrid strain contains less than 1% CBD. The amount is so small that it is not traceable. 

Therapeutic Benefits of Star Dawg Strain

Despite being sativa-dominant, it contains a small amount of indica that can deliver various relaxing effects to users. It also provides a body buzz that has the potential to manage any symptoms of tension and pain. 

Anyone who suffers from stress and fatigue can benefit from the benefits of the Star Dawg strain. The cerebral high delivered from the sativa offers terrific benefits to people dealing with depression, anxiety, or having a low mood. It automatically gives you the urge to get up and get active.

Those suffering from digestive issues would especially find the strain helpful. It does a great job stimulating an appetite. People who need to gain weight or have appetite problems can easily be resolved with the Star Dawg strain. 

In general, the strain is perfect for different types of mental health conditions, any kind of physical pain, and inflammation. A lot of people suffering from those issues have enjoyed the positive therapeutic effects. 

Possible Side Effects of Star Dawg Strain

There are some responsible aspects to using things that are good or enjoyable. Star Dawg is a potent strain that will help you benefit from all the properties it has to offer. But, it's essential to be smart about its use.

Star Dawg has some side effects, mainly due to its potency, including dry mouth and eyes. These are common side effects you'd experience with other strains, so it's nothing serious. 

If you are not a seasoned smoker, you should be extremely cautious because it contains high levels of THC. If you overdo it, you might suffer from mild headaches, dizziness, and a little bit of paranoia. 

Similar Strains

Strains that offer similar effects include Wedding Crasher, Sour Peach, and Deadhead OG. 

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance of Star Dawg Strain

The name says it all about the strain. It references its bright and sparkling trichomes that look just like stars. The trichomes cover the deep green nugs, and the orange hairs are the only thing that separates the shine. The buds aren't too big; they're dense and small-medium in stature, but it still packs a punch with the potent aroma and taste.

The Star Dawg strain is visually appealing, and the velvety texture is an impressive feature to any grower. The potency in the strain is reflected in the aroma, taste, and effects. 

You'll notice an early pine aroma, similar to other strains in the Chemdawg family. The smell is unique and contains sour undertones with some hints of diesel. It won't welcome you with delicate floral notes. It's more hardcore with chemical-like aromas.

A seasoned cannabis user might detect light citrusy notes upon inhaling. If you love skunky scents, you'll love the taste of the Star Dawg strain. It's lemon and pine with a great kick of diesel. 

Another thing is it gives off a pretty thick smoke that leaves the aroma lingering long after you finish smoking. 

Terpenes Found in Star Dawg Strain

The most abundant terpene is caryophyllene, followed by traces of myrcene and limonene. 

Grow Information

For those who've been thinking of taking on new projects, then Star Dawg is highly recommended. However, if it's your first time growing, then don't start with this strain. 

Star Dawg is an easy strain to grow; nonetheless, you have to put in some work. Proper maintenance is required. That's why it works well with people who have some experience and are not beginners.

It can be successfully grown both indoors and outdoors, but it seems to do very well in an indoor setup that's more controlled. Those are some of the things you need to keep in mind before fully deciding to grow it.

The flowering period is typically between 63-75 days. If you're going to grow it outdoors, early-mid October is the best time. It doesn't matter where you decide to grow. It will do well with the proper care. It's of medium height, so don't expect it to grow to great heights like other types of strains. 

Final Thoughts

It's easy to understand why the Star Dawg strain of cannabis is so popular. It contains high levels of THC, has several medicinal benefits, and has side effects that are easily managed by enjoying Star Dawg marijuana in moderation. The breeder behind this strain has a reputation for creating quality marijuana. This particular product is excellent for both new and advanced users. If you have not tried it yet, or are curious about the results, you will not regret giving Star Dawg marijuana a try.

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